Post 1.4: WebP Converter – Cloud9

WebP Converter – Cloud9 I’ll take a little detour in this post and offer some assistance in creating a WebP image converter for your Cloud9 instance. I prefer WebP images over traditional jpeg or png file types. I won’t get into the details other than to say that I much prefer the smaller file sizes and better performance for users. You can download the compressed binaries directly from I’ll post the commands you can use to download the binaries below....

April 7, 2023 · 3 min · 468 words · David Dacalio



April 7, 2023 · 3 min · 468 words · David Dacalio

Post 1.3: S3 Static Website Hosting

Create Public S3 Bucket S3 static website hosting is the easiest way to host websites on AWS. First, let’s create the S3 bucket. S3 has certain rules in place when creating a bucket name, and names must be globally unique. In the example output, you’ll see a random string of numbers appended to the bucket name to provide this uniqueness.: aws s3 mb s3://your-bucket-name Now we need to specify the names of our --index-document and --error-document for static website hosting....

March 26, 2023 · 2 min · 356 words · David Dacalio

Post 1.2: Hugo Web Server

config.yml In this section, I’ll provide a few quick tips on getting your Hugo “localhost” web server up and running. Open your Hugo config.yml file at the root of your theme folder using Cloud9, add the following line, and save. theme: "Papermod" hugo server The hugo server CLI command launches a local test server that allows you to preview any changes made to your website’s code. I will provide the command to view your web server using Cloud9 and explain its components later....

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Post 1.1: AWS Cloud9

Why Cloud9 I needed an IDE that I could access anywhere and on any device. After some searching, I found that Cloud9 fit the bill perfectly. By using a t2.micro EC2 instance, there is no cost (at least for the first year) as long as I avoid any snapshots or unforeseen circumstances. My ultimate goal is to host this blog using the Hugo PaperMod theme on CloudFront. In this post, I will guide you through the process of setting up your Cloud9 environment and installing both Hugo and the PaperMod theme....

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